Name List of Library Committee

Name List of Library Committee

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Name List of Library Committee

105 Academic Year

Period: 105/8/1~106/7/31


Committee Menber



Library Director

Huang, Sue Sia

College of Management


Department of Cultural & Creative Enterprise Management

Huang, Chiung Yu

Department of Business Administration

Chi, Sin Kuang

Department of Finance

Bai, Tzung Min

Department of Tourism Management

Lin, Chian Chi

Bachelor’s Program of International Business Administration

Liau, Ying Kai

Student Representation

Chen, Yu Cheng

College of Humanities


Department of Philosophy and Life Education

Shie, Jiun Jr

Department of Literature

Cheng, Hsing Ya

Department of Life-and-Death Studies

Cheng, Ching Mei

Graduate Institute of Religious Studies

Hsieh, Chin Fan

Department of Early Childhood Education

Chang, Hsiao Wen

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Hsu, Wei Chen

Teaching Center of Physical Education

Jan, Lee Yun

Language Teaching Center

Kuo, Chiung Yao

Student Representation

Pan, Hsuan Yu

College of Social Sciences


Department of Communication

Cai, Hong Bin

Department of International Affairs and Business

Chung, Chih Ming

Department of Applied Sociology

Liu, Yu Cheng

Student Representation

Lin, Mei Chun

College of Arts


Department of Visual and Media Arts

Jiang, Mei Ying

Department of Creative Product Design

Chen, Wen sheng

Department of Architecture and Landscape Design

Ku, Shuai Ping

Department of Ethnomusicology

Lee, Ya Jen

Student Representation

Wu, Yi Pei

College of Science and Technology


Department of Information Management

Chou, Jue Sam

Department of the Electrical Commerce Management

Taih, Der Chian

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Leou, Maw Lin

Department of Natural Biotechnology

Wu, How Chiun

Center of General Education

Hsu, Wen Po

Student Representation

Lin, Yu Chieh

  • Source:南華大學圖書館
  • Date:2016-11-10