Schedule of Purchasing and Arrival

Schedule of Purchasing and Arrival

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The required period of purchasing affairs

NT$10,000 – NT$20,000        3-7 working days
NT$20,000 – NT$100,000      7-10 working days
More than NT$100,000           14-21 working days 

The required period from purchasing to arrival

Books published around Europe and U.S.A.      -- About 120 days
Books Published in Japan and China                  -- About 90 days
Books published in Taiwan                                   -- About 45 days
Back issues                                                               --  About 180 days
Audiovisual Materials published in Taiwan       -- About 21 days
Audiovisual Materials published out of Taiwan -- About 120 days 


The purchasing books are available 10 days after arriving. Readers can fill in rush cataloging form if the status shows “in processing.”

  • Source:南華大學圖書館
  • Date:2015-10-27