Principle of Appropriation Allotment

Principle of Appropriation Allotment

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Approved by the 1st Library Committee Conference of the 1st semester of 102 academic year

Total Library Appropriation

A:Reserved funds(General books, magazines, newspapers, audiovisual materials / NT$750,000)

B:Special funds for new departments of the first year (NT$200,000 each department)

C:Major funds allocated to each department (Funds for books, periodicals, databases)

50% of the funds are allocated averagely    
35% of the funds are allocated according to the points of each unit    
15% of the funds are allocated according to the total points of each type of status

2 points: Bachelor and each teaching center    
1 point: Undergraduate students (1 point each person)     
3 points: Master      
2 points: Graduate students (2 points each person)     
4 points: Doctor       
3 points: Faculties (3 points each person)

After prioritizing the database purchasing forms according to questionnaires, library will decide which will be purchased depends on the funds.

  • Source:南華大學圖書館
  • Date:2015-10-27