Books/Databases Recommendation

Books/Databases Recommendation

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Books Recommendation

General readers     
Recommend general books and audiovisual materials by library recommendation system. Each reader can recommend up to 5 items each month. Whether purchase them or not depends on the status of annual library fund.

Procedures of recommendation purchasing:
1. Teacher gives the recommendation application form to library committee member of each department.
2. After collecting and prioritizing the forms, library committee members deliver them to library Acquisitions & Cataloging Section.   
Fund source: It comes from books purchasing fund of each department. Please see the status of books purchasing bund of each unit.

Databases Recommendation

First stage: confirm the recommendation application forms
Library offers annual databases purchasing lists.    
After selecting, teachers respond to library in electronic form or printed form.     
After compiling lists, library continues to proceeding the second stage.

Second stage: confirm the acquisition forms   
Library offers databases recommendation forms of the second stage.    
After selecting and prioritizing the forms, signed by the supervisor and return the form back to the library.

  • Source:南華大學圖書館
  • Date:2015-10-27