Union Catalogs

Union Catalogs

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Union Catalogs

While you can not find the information you need in the library, you can use union catalogs or other collection catalogs to search the information from all collections nationwide in order to apply request for borrowing or copy service from other libraries.

Search from other libraries nationwide

  * Central Taiwan Teaching / Learning Resource Center – Library Union Catalogs

  * National Bibliographic Information Network

  * National Taiwan University MetaCat (Search by selecting the regions of north, centre, south or east)

Search the serials of western, Taiwan, Mainland China, and Japanese nationwide

   * Union Catalogs of Serials

Search foreign periodicals of databases and libraries nationwide (The databases here only limited in the items of “Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan”)

   * CONCERT Electronic Periodicals Union Catalogs

  • Source:南華大學圖書館
  • Date:2015-10-15