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Floor Directory

Floor Directory

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Floor plan


the 1st floor

.Venerable Master Hsing Yun's Publications

.Circulation Desk

.Reference Desk

.Asian/Western Reference Books

.WebPAC(Web Public Access Catalog)

.Humanistic Buddhism

.Audiovisual Materials

.Audiovisual Area

.Children's Books

.New Arrivals

.Used Text Books

.Civil Service Exam Collections

.Photocopy Room

.Self-Awareness Learning Area

.Language Learning Area



the 2nd floor

.Current Periodicals-Asian Languages

.Current Periodicals-Western Languages

.Academic Periodicals of NHU

.Asian Back Issues

.Western Back Issues

.Area of Calligraphy Modelling

.Theses and Dissertations

.Undergraduate Theses

.Current Newspapers

.Bound Newspapers

.Comic Books

.Photocopy Room

.Staff Office

.Relaxation & Meditation Area


the 3rd floor

.Asian Book Stacks (Classification No. 300-999.99)

.WebPAC(Web Public Access Catalog)

.Back Issue Newspapers (Room 309)

.Bound Newspapers

.Low-use Books


.Director's Office

.Teng-Yuan Lee One-Stroke Energy Exhibition Room


the 4th floor


.Thread-bound Collections (Rooms 409-412)

.Asian Book Stacks (Classification No. 100-299.99)


the 5th floor

.WebPAC(Web Public Access Catalog)

.Western Book Stacks

.Asian Book Stacks (Classification No. 000-099.99)

.Special Collections donated by Lu, Ping-chuan

.Special Collections donated by Fu, Wei-hsun

.Special Collections donated by Chiang, Nien-feng

.Special Collections on Tripitaka

.Discussion Room


.Bound Newspapers


  • Source:南華大學圖書館
  • Date:2018-08-15